July 22, 2011
i haven’t washed my hair in two months

sort of. i haven’t used any shampoo in that time. i’ve been using this to clean my hair:

shockingly, miraculously, it totally works.

to keep this story somewhat short, i was very fed up with my hair. i’m an air-dryer, and what used to be nice waves had turned to fried, damaged and frizzy hair over the last couple of years.

so i needed a change. in came naturallycurly.com, and their very helpful (but insanely esoteric) message boards. i use the suave coconut conditioner to “wash” my hair, by rubbing it vigorously on my scalp. lots and lots of friction with the pads of my fingers is key. lots of rinsing. and i follow with a more moisturizing conditioner on the ends of my hair. and some gel. surprisingly, my hair is never oily.

i’m still in transition, i would say. i hope my hair just gets in better and better condition as the months go by.

here is what my hair looked like before, on an average (maybe even good?) day.

here is where it’s at currently.

no more sulfates in shampoos, and no more SILICONES (silicones are in so, so many products!).

there’s a very informative explanation of the “CG Method” written here, if you like.

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