May 4, 2012

May 3, 2012
I Am A (Retired) Cat Burglar - Ask Me Anything

fascinating. granted, this guy is completely despicable but i’ll gladly accept his stories as cautionary advice. a couple interesting things that stuck out to me:

  • he would bring rawhide bones to bribe dogs
  • alarms really were no obstruction. he even answered the phone a few times when the alarm company called, and just said something generic like “sorry, that was just me” and that was usually enough to allay the alarm company for at least another 15 minutes or so!

May 2, 2012
"We are a culture that values child-bearing — consider the obsession with celebrity children as evidence thereof, not to mention Personhood amendments — and yet we expect our childbearing populous to shed the physical evidence of said childbearing as soon as possible. On the one hand, this would seem hypocritical. On the other, it’s depressingly consistent, and the consistent element is misogyny. Let’s say it again, ’cause it’s happening: Misogyny. Women are so undervalued in our culture that the government wants to tell us how and when to have babies, and the media will tell us how and when to feel ashamed of our postpartum bodies. Have babies. Be an Object. Repeat. Quickly. Here’s how!"

Media Obsession with Celebrities’ Postpartum Bodies is Part of the War on Women on - by Liz W. Garcia

On the long, LONG list of things irritating the hell out of me today, this paragraph sums up the thing at the very top. I don’t know about you, but I am sick to death of all of it. The Mommy Wars, politicians trying to use the Mommy Wars to make a point, legislation that flies in the face of women’s rights (and that actually passes), postpartum body expectations, natural birth > any other kind of birth, breastfeeding > anything else you can ever do for your child ever, don’t have a baby unless X, you SHOULD have a baby because of Y, you HAVE to have a baby because we said so. Jessica Simpson is too pregnant. Jessica Simpson’s baby has a stupid name. By the way, you don’t even need sperm now to be pregnant.

So, lucky for me (and maybe for you), being born a woman means that no matter what decisions you make in your life, you’ll always have someone that questions you about it or any number of politicians trying to make it more difficult for you. No matter what you choose, there will be someone or something telling you that you made the wrong decision. That your child will be worse off. That you will be worse off. That society suffers because more women like you made the same decisions. You’ll be either too fat or too skinny. You’ll be too motherly or not enough. You’ll work too much or not at all. You’ll feel constantly guilty. Everyone can and will judge your decisions, and middle-aged, white rich men will always think they know what’s best for you because they’re rich and white and found Jesus.

And the worst part is? You’ll write blog posts like this one and rant about the inequalities and sigh and just say, “Oh, it’s American culture and it’ll never change.” Fuck that shit.

I have to believe it can change and will change because I am raising a daughter and I refuse to have her realize one day down the road that she is undervalued and over-criticized because she doesn’t have a penis.


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April 27, 2012

Don’t Come Around Here No More (by TomPettyHrtbrkrsVEVO)

one of my earliest memories involves having an absolute meltdown upon seeing this music video, where alice gets sliced up like cake. i remember my dad trying to explain the visual trickery but it was lost on 3-year-old me.

that being said, i got over it. love this song/video.

April 25, 2012
i made this today for my coworker, who always removes her bracelets while she works.

i made this today for my coworker, who always removes her bracelets while she works.

April 20, 2012
shit. 3 years later…i realize this.

shit. 3 years later…i realize this.

April 20, 2012

happy 4/20. in honor…let’s watch this in a stunned stupor.


April 18, 2012
My inner 13-year-old is plotzing

My inner 13-year-old is plotzing

April 17, 2012
I have plans for you… (Taken with instagram)

I have plans for you… (Taken with instagram)

April 11, 2012
what do i have to say?

i realized i haven’t put anything on here in a little while. so i pulled up tumblr, and thought about what i wanted to say. and came up with nothing.

it occurred to me that i’m struggling a bit with maintaining my voice, while i work full-time. something about working in the communication business, and writing professionally has left me feeling a little drained. and i don’t mean physically or emtionally, really. i just mean…by spending so much time and energy on communicating for my coporation, i have abandoned my own thoughts in a way. spare moments of my time are filled with indulgences, which i have come to covet with fervor. things like


flea markets

espresso drinks

tv shows and movies

nail polishes and clothes and shoes

and that stuff is great, but i can’t let it complete me. i need to find/maintain my identity. i’ve worked full time for almost 3 years now, but this feels like a new revelation. did it take me this long to find a need for an outside identity, or this long to lose it?